Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Satranc Oyunu Chess Pro V v5.00.1 S60v3v5^3 Full

07-06-2011, 18:26
http://r60.letitbit.net/thumb3/640x480/43e76a24cc7685d2e72d24026838_C hess_Pro.jpg (http://r60.letitbit.net/thumb3/640x480/43e76a24cc7685d2e72d24026838_C hess_Pro.jpg)
Regardless of your playing level, ZingMagic’s multi award winning Chess is a stimulating and challenging game for beginners and champions alike.
Symbian version features:

* Play against the computer or another human player on the same device.
* Multiple time based levels, play moves or games against the clock.
* High quality artificial intelligence engine particularly at stronger levels.
* Support for alternate boards and pieces.
* Full undo and redo of moves.
* Show last move.
* Hints.

Requirements S60V3 , S60v5 , Symbian ^ 3


Chess_Pro_V_v5.00.1_S60v3v5_3_ Unsigned_Retail.sis download for free on file share letitbit.net (http://letitbit.net/download/92495.9735dc82e86dbf94790afd25 bd39/Chess_Pro_V_v5.00.1_S60v3v5_3_ Unsigned_Retail.sis.html)

30-10-2011, 20:41
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